The World Bank

About my ideas:

Most of my ideas are things that seemed like a good idea, or a novelty when I thought of them only to find out when I tell people about it, that somebody had the same idea long before me.

I'm not a very well read person, I'd much rather create than research. I'd rather write my own music than play somebody else's. And I'd rather reinvent the wheel than buy a prebuilt wheel.

This may seem wasteful since the wheel has been perfected over thousands of years, but I'm probably better at building wheels now than your average american.

My idea for the world bank:

I was reading an issue of the Economist last year when this neat thought popped into my head.
There are lots of poor countries in the world who could use the help of some aid from the rich countries in the world. Certainly there are lots of governments and private organizations that contribute to countries and problem areas, with no expectation of return or perhaps some terribly long term loans.

So I had this idea. Why not, as a group of governments of rich countries, get together and offer poor country X a big loan at a low interest rate for the bettering of their country, be it infrastructure like roads or health care, or clean water and sewage removal.
With a catch. The catch being they get the low interest rate if the promise (and make good on the promise) to use the money for specifically these things and these things only. Then when they're all done with the project, and have successfully improved their country the loan givers congratulate the country on a job well done by offering debt relief of the loan.

It's perfect. Rich countries spend money on a good cause, boost the local economy to perform the work, hire rich country contractors for the high tech skills required, and the country in question gets better infrastructure and doesn't have to pay a dime. Everybody makes out.

Then I came in to work the next day and told a friend of mine and he said: "Congratulations. You've just invented the World Bank."

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