A way to help the car companies

I had a novel idea about making the car companies profitable…
Get rid of the unions.
Just the overhead of the unions themselves…. if all the employees stopped paying union dues, the car
companies could lower their salaries by the same amount saving a ton of money, and nobody would see a pay cut.
How about that? ohhhhhh nooooooooooo… you can’t get rid of the UNIONS oh no… who would protect the
workers from the big bad company. Yeah, well, honda and toyota are doing just fine, so I daresay in this case, the unions are more of a problem than a help. When the pendulum swings the other way and big corporations start abusing employees again, then you can form another union, but in the slow times, it’s just a waste of moeny. And it’s helping to kill the car companies.

So when the big three go out of business, you can lay some of the blame on the unions.

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