One way to avoid the excesses of the banks that take our money.

I just had this neat idea.

Everybody’s all mad about the 50 million dollar jet that citibank ordered despite all the handouts they’re getting from the government.
That and all the bonuses being paid to retain the best talent (you know, the ones that lost us all of our money, that talent.)

Well, I have a really simple solution.

The banks beg for money, the government comes up with some dollar amount that they’re willing to give to a given bank. Then, somebody from the government goes through the books of said bank and tallies up all the excesses.
Who’s to decide what the excess is? The government. It is after all their (our) money.

They tally up all the jets and bonuses and company funded weekend jaunts and subtract that from the agreed amount they were going to give to the bank.

Then the bank can decide whether to go out of business or to sell the jet.

And if they can keep the jet and stay in business, obviously the government gave them too much money to begin with. They can take note of that for next time.

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