The lack of takeoff of ipv6

I have a friend who says we’re all in trouble when ipv4 address blocks get all used up.

from uncensored:

Nobody seems to want to implement IPv6 in any significant capacity — there’s no short term ROI.  On the
other hand, when that last block of IPv4 is allocated, all hell is going to break loose.  Everyone knows
this, but we’re headed straight for that target anyway.
from me:
Sep 26 2008 10:31am from Ford II @uncnsrd
I think given the state of the economy at the moment, I can’t see why anybody would want to spend money on something with no ROI.
I don’t think all hell is going to break loose when the last block is allocated. Ip’s are a commodity like
anything else, as it becomes scarce, the price will go up.
If all the blocks are taken (by whichever acronymed agency hands them out) then the companies that have
block A’s will start selling vpn access to smaller blocks, and there will rise an exchange of ip trading.
This will certainly be a lot cheaper than EVERYBODY switching to ipv6, so likely something like that will

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  1. joe says:

    so, like the people who had the foresight to buy up choice domain names in the early internet days before the rest of the world understood their to-be value, we should start buying ip addresses and then rent them out. (sublet them as it were). domain names became the new real estate market. ip’s migtht be the new-new real estate.

    i like that idea. i have 5 static ip’s. maybe i’ll buy some more, its like $50 a month. i can rent them at $20/month. can some networking genius help me out on this?

    we can make money until ipv6 takes hold, which, if this posting bears true would be later rather than sooner.

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