Is open source really better

Of course it is, you just have to decide what you mean by better.

Open source has its uses, but like everything else, it’s not the answer to all problems.

But this one thing did occur to me this morning: turnaround time on bug fixes.

If you have a software company with enough infrastructure to handle bug reports from customers and are paid service contracts to fix them, the company has incentive to fix bugs.

There’s no equivalent in the open source world except scratching an itch or possibly, the guy who wrote the code with the bug in it might be a little embarrassed about it and go in and fix it.

But I’ll take the paid way any day

So now I’m wondering if anybody has ever done a study on if open source software is actually better or worse off in terms of bug fixes. Maybe the initial quality is better, because open sourcers aren’t generally trying to beat competitors to market.

So it would be hard to compare, but I find it hard to believe the bugs get fixed in open source land faster and more completely than they do in the paid world.

And I’m not even sure of mozilla counts, they’re getting paid.

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