My my, the web sucks.

In the 80’s you had a program running on a PC, and you selected a menu item by typing it’s number and hitting enter.

Rudimentary, but possibly still more efficient than clicking on a button with a mouse.

But the important point was, when you hit enter, the response was instant. Nowadays, you hit a web server and the response sucks.

Google is trying to change this by making chrome an OS so once again the weight will shift and the client will be thick/heavy/fat/smart and response will be better, but it will still under-perform my apple II because it’s going to be html based, which means when the presentation really needs to be put this box HERE, the program has to generate html that the browser then has to interpret to get the desired results. All very backwards, extra layer-y and error prone, just like SQL.

Somebody needs to come up with an important niche and write a client program that just blows away google’s best efforts, because they’re starting with such a broken playing field.

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