Why only one DNS?

I never understood the top level domain thing. Why was there only .com .net .org .edu and the few others? You create the problem of mcdonalds having to buy mcdonalds.com mcdonalds.net mcdonaldssucks.com and mcdonaldssucks.net, and so on.

If everybody was allowed to register top level domains themselves, there would be no problem.  Now they’re finally getting around to it, and apparently it costs $15K or so to register a tld and only registrars can run them or something like that. I don’t keep up with the details. But the whole thing seems a big waste to me. There’d be far less confusion and problems if I could just register ‘deadpelican’.

Which brings me to another DNS problem. Everybody around the world whines that the americans own DNS and can do whatever they want and charge whatever they want and it should be taken over by the UN.

I have a better idea. Why not run your own DNS system. You live in germany, tell your government to run some dns servers that are isolated from everybody else’s dns servers and then you can register whatever names you want and aren’t beholden to anybody else. You’d then advertise a little that if you want the german domain set you use this set of DNS servers. And being all nationalistic, you’d get quiet a few takers.

Of course all the people who paid big bucks for domain names would suddenly find that they have to go register themselves with lots of different country’s dns systems. Yes this would make for a lot of confusion, but if it was planned out and perhaps there was an easy way to switch and maintain which dns you use for what, it could be a good thing:

Sure there are problems, all the bad guys would register all the common names and spyware you to death, I’m not saying there aren’t lots of problems, but it gets me that all the people who are complaining that they don’t like what the americans are doing are well within their power to do something about it, but they don’t, they complain about the bad americans.

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