I have invented the fastest computer in the world.

The super zippy multi core crazy fast microprocessor in your computer spends well over 99% of its lifetime doing absolutely nothing.

On the rare occasion when you can manage it keep it a little busy you might hear the fan in your PC or laptop spin a little faster, but by and large your processor is idle most of the time.

What a waste. Most of the time the computer is waiting for you to read a web page or your email while it sits there and hums and waits for you to click the next button.

The problem though is that when you DO click something, you want it to respond quickly. So you have this incredible amount of processing capacity at your fingertips, so it can dance like crazy for you once every few minutes for a few fractions of a second and sit there useless the rest of the time.

But I have a solution. “What’s the problem?” you’re probably asking yourself…

I have designed a processor that takes all that idle processing capacity and stores it up, and then blasts through it when you want the computer to do something. In this way you can actually buy a lower capacity processor that functions much better than the current top of the line screamer. So it can be had for a lot less money and can be added to, to store more idle capacity for a lot less than the cost of a new processor or new computer.

If your processor fills up its processor capacity cache, you can sell the excess to big company server farms who are always for want of more capacity, or even “push” it over to your iphone or android machine. The market for this cache trade will be astronomical in size as more and more systems come online and intel and amd become less capable of enacting more and more of moore’s law.

You read it here first.


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  1. This sounds suspiciously like a digital version of a “flushmate” equipped toilet.

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