Yet another note on star wars

There’s that scene where obi wan has to sit down after alderon was blown up by the death star.
He’s deeply hurt because of a disturbance in the force.
Well this just occurred to me: how fast is the force? How long does it take to travel interstellar distances?

The first thing we learn about star wars is that it happens in a different galaxy a long long time ago, and very far away. It’s the absolute first thing we find out.
So if we have our galaxy, and we know there’s another galaxy where star wars lives, it’s not too much of a stretch to say that there are probably other galaxies, and some of them will also have the force.

If the galaxy is really big, I mean really really big (you-may-think-it’s-a-long-way-down-to-the-chemist big) then there are probably millions upon millions of galaxies that are force enabled. Probably more.

Some of them will have empire like things, and some of them will have darth vaders who will go blowing up planets full of people.

But there is only one universe.

So it seems to me given the number of likely force-enabled planets being blown up all the time, obi-wan would never be able to walk.

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