Regulating the internet is inevitable I think.

Today I heard on the radio that there’s some locale in long island that is complaining miserably because they’ve had 20 power outages in the past month. Mostly due to the excessive heat apparently.
And it got me thinking. I’ve been making the point to my compatriots at work lately, that they don’t know a world without internet, and they expect it to always be there.
So I make the comparison that when I was born, we had hot and cold running water and electric power 24/7 and I never knew a world without it and I expect it to always be there.
Nobody regulates the internet yet. But they regulate water and they regulate electricity. So much so that part of the reason long island has blackouts is because con ed can only charge so much regardless of the cost to generate the electricity, oh boo hoo I feel so bad for them.
But the internet is not there yet, but it’s hard to imagine it won’t come to that sooner than later, simply because it’s become one of those ubiquitous life services we’ve all come to expect and can’t live too conveniently too long without.

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