On the origin of Darwin

It’s almost darwin’s 200th birthday, and reading articles about his fame made me realize something.

In the previously mentioned book Ishmael, it’s pretty obvious that man is not the culmination of evolution. It’s the point at which evolution created a being that is self aware can make computers and read bogs.

At some point, the humans will kill themselves off and nature can go back to evolving the way it did before we showed up.

So if you think about it, there’s a long highway on which time goes by and things evolve, and we, the humans, are a pitstop. We mess things up, we kill other species and don’t evolve naturally (“Society killed darwin.”)

So after we’re done with our lunch at the pitstop, the humans will go away, and the trip on the highway will continue again leading to something even greater than ourselves.

For the next generation of intelligent beings will be able to look back and see that we were here and took ourselves out of the gene pool.

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