How weird is that.

By now, if you’re a geek you know that later today is 1234567890 in unix time.

Fri Feb 13 18:31:30 2009 to be exact.

But I figured that decimal patterns are meaningless in unixland, so I was going to see what else was interesting that was coming up.

Well, 1234567890 is 0x499602D2 in hex. Hey, that’s pretty close to 0x50000000 so, let’s see what that is:

Fri Jul 13 07:01:20 2012

I don’t expect anything interesting to happen on the 0x50000000 second, but isn’t it interesting that they’re both friday the 13th?

0x60000000 is Thu Jan 14 03:25:36 2021

0x70000000 is Wed Jul 18 01:49:52 2029

Not much interesting there.

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