Just can’t get away from politics.

There are arguments that the democrats tax and spend and that the republicans want smaller government and give tax brakes to the rich making them richer.

Half the population says taxing and spending is bad, and the republicans are lying. The government is bigger and they pissed quite a bit of money away on the war. Wars. Sorry.

So while Obama is going to spend lots and lots of money we don’t have, lately, the republicans have been spending plenty too, and while war is good for business, it’s bad for inter-country relations, so better we spend the money on businesses and infrastructure where we actually gain something than crazy wars that kill people get everybody pissed at us, and yield us no long term benefit.

So while the war money was spent on some US businesses, a lot of it went to resources that were just
pissed away like ammunition and Humvees and armor that got wrecked and helicopters that don’t fly anymore.
At least when you build a road, it’s there for 20-30 years.

So whether you agree with tax and spend or not, all the government really is, is another player in the economy.
They happen to be a really really big player, but so is wall street.

Wall street gets its money from the same place and people the government gets it taxes from, and one way or another they spend it.
Arguably, the wall street money ends up in relatively few hands, at least the government money ends up
spread out to a lot of people.

It’s really all the same thing, I don’t see why everybody gets so upset taking sides.

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