I just had a brilliant idea.

It’s probably been done, but check this out.

Sometime in the 90’s some new band put out an album with a one hit wonder hit on it, I think it was ugly kid joe.

For their second album, most other bands would have disappeared, but these guys were smart, they did a remake of cats in the cradle, which became their popular song and video for their second album, and of course were never heard from again.

Anyway, here’s a similar idea:

For your killer song on your first album, you take out a savage loan and hire somebody like slash or angus from ac/dc to play on your song, somebody really famous, you can gain notoriety just for that, and that’s all you need to get one popular song famous, then just ride the single, t-shirts and download wave until you lose favor.

Hopefully you’d make enough to pay off the loan.

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