news not hoaxes

Re: the girl who quit on whiteboard pictures….
A lot of these things are hoaxes, but does it matter? It isn’t even worth checking to see if it’s a hoax, because the point is entertainment value, and you get the same entertainment whether or not it is a hoax, no?
The newspapers should do their research before they publish, but even then, does it really affect anybody, so what if newspapers run BS stories?
They do all the time anyway. You know all those headlines that make news for 2 days, they’re slow news days so they pick up on some stupid bit of research somewhere then blow it up into a big story so they have something to put on their front page, then it goes away, because it’s not really news in the first place.
It may not be a hoax, but it certainly isn’t news fit to print.

I think the newspapers and radio news stations are doing a disservice to their industry by blowing things out of proportion because in the event of a real news story, who’s going to take it seriously?

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