I thought of something by accident the other day:

In the thousands-of-years-ago days, people lived in tribes. There was a mutual benefit to live with your family, help raise the kids, hunt, gather, protect from animals and other tribes and so on.
But you were born into a tribe and that was it unless you got married off into another tribe in trade for some land concession or water rights or something.

But nowadays we live alone as individual families, Even the next generation up doesn’t live together with you.
So in trade, we’ve invented the office. The office is a place where you go every day to fill the need of not living with a tribe anymore.
And here’s the beauty of it: You Get To Pick Your Tribe.

If you don’t like this office tribe, you can quit and go join another one.

So by default you blow off your family. You COULD choose to live with them, but nobody actually does that, so you create a tribe of friends and you create a tribe of coworkers whom you select based on them being tolerable.

Ahhh what a great society we live in.

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  1. Google+ has fixed that. The tribes are now called “circles” and you should join Google+ and dump Facebook like all the cool kids are doing.

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