The socialism of coding standards.

I’ve been writing in my weird coding style for decades now, and everybody who’s ever seen it has complained that it’s stupid in one way or another.

That’s okay, it’s my style not theirs. Their style is different.

But the one thing that’s assured is that the coding style that is the corporate standard wherever you work won’t be quite like anybody in particular’s style.

Which means that everybody has to code in a way that is not comfortable to them. Everybody has to conform to something they find annoying in some way.

Seems to me, it would make more sense if everybody wrote in whatever style they felt most comfortable with and everybody else had to be open minded and tolerant of everybody else’s style.

Imagine that, having an open mind about other people’s opinions.

This way you could concentrate on figuring out how to convert the solution to a problem into a piece of software and not have to worry about reading it in a way you find awkward while doing it. It removes a distraction.

And just as a final kick in the head: your next job? Their coding standard is going to be different from your current job’s coding standard style and you’re going to have to get used to another style anyway, so why doesn’t everybody just do what they want be be tolerant of others. Sounds a bit libertarian, but that’s what makes sense to me.


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