My little lost luggage story.

I was away on vacation last week and on the way back the nice airline saw fit to lose one of our two checked bags.

You gotta wonder. We checked two identical bags at the exact same time, one ended up in Newark (correctly) albeit one flight before I did (I thought they instituted some rule that you had to fly with your luggage) and the other, they lost.

But all is NOT lost, I got a call from a nice lady in …. you guessed it… Toronto saying they found my bag.  With no flight tag on it.

It got me thinking…

A long time ago when I worked at the finance department at rockland community college, I was told by my supervisor that if I got a phone call that I didn’t know how or didn’t want to deal with, I should transfer the call to the records department. This made for lots of happy customers. (I eventually got wise, and rather than piss off the people right down the hall in the records department, I transferred people to international studies on the other side of campus.)

I’m imagining some bag mover guy who got hold of our bag and saw no luggage tag and didn’t want to deal with it so he just put it on the next plane headed out.

There’s no way the bag would have gone from Charlotte NC to Toronto without a little help.

Figure they have a process to deal with lost luggage, why should the bag mover guy deal with it.

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