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The future of media

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Given the state of the small attention span theater, and facebook and the competition for doing free work (all that stuff people create and post on the youtube and whatnot) I don’t see how it can keep going on this way.

I’m starting to think there will be a backlash at some point, and it will start to be cool to hang out with people in real life and not spy on their every wink on facebook.
I know there’s already a small faction like this, but maybe it will become mainstream.

On that thought, maybe someday we will reminisce about the bad old record companies.

Don’t reel just yet. We hated IBM and loved Apple. We hated the phone company and the cable companies barely existed. Now verizon is at least in small parts respectable, at least compared to AT&T and the cable companies. Things change, and they do so fairly quickly.

It could be that what replaces the record companies might be worse (try and imagine when jobs eventually dies), or more likely, more useless, such that the traditional record companies as fucked up as they are would be a better deal.