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An interesting idea for why time travel doesn’t exist.

Sunday, April 30th, 2023

I don’t usually forward videos because I don’t like being inundated with “oh you HAVE to watch this!” so I don’t want to do it to other people. But if you’re interested in the moon landing hoax, this is worth a watch.

I love the moon landing hoax. I think it’s a great testament to how people think and the conspiracies they’re willing to adopt. It’s great amusement.

But of all of the anti-hoaxers and their arguments, this is my favorite. It has nothing to do with any of the other arguments people make to explain why the moon landing wasn’t a hoax. This one is technical, and was made by an apparent film geek (I can appreciate geeks because I am one too, just not a film geek).

In short he explains how the moon landings can’t be fake simply because the technology to create the film footage that came back couldn’t possibly have been made with the technology of the time anywhere but in space. The only way the video could have been made, was from the moon. It’s quite interesting.

The reason I bring it up is because I thought of a way to explain the lack of any apparent progress in the field of time travel, and it’s similar in thinking to the above video.

I do believe in time travel but I think you can only go forward in time and it has to do with perception more than anything else. You experience time travel every time you go to sleep.

Anyway, I am a storage geek. I like disk. And one day it occurred to me, that if time travel backwards in time were possible, that would mean that somewhere, or somehow the state of every atom in the universe would have to be stored for every instant in time. This way somebody would be able to replay that stored state in a way that could be observed or interacted with. That would mean you’d have to build some machine that would let you retrieve that stored state and pull each instant’s state (remember we’re talking every atom in the universe) into your viewer/replayer to be observed.

That’s a lot of bandwidth. That’s a lot of disk.

For the same reason that the moon landing video could only have been produced on the moon, (the limit of technology) I think we will never be able to produce time travel because even if the state of all of the atoms in the universe is stored somewhere, we’d never be able to retrieve it in able usable fashion. Even if you only wanted to grab a 1 foot square block of it. That’s an insane amount of storage to move over some type of information transfer. And remember there’s that whole speed of light thing to deal with.

So, no time travel, sorry.

So you’ll realize that I’m talking about bringing the history data where ever it is to us now in some machine, and most time travel stories have to do with taking the person to the information and not bringing the information to the person. Well as hard as it is to move a lot of data around nowadays in real time, we don’t have ANYTHING that remotely hints at being able to bring a person to the data.

So again, I’m not seeing it.