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A theory on why the mess is.

Tuesday, August 6th, 2019

I don’t usually foray into politics, but one thing struck me a few years ago as to why we appear to be sitting in a mess of politics that we haven’t had to deal with in a long time.

It’s only a theory, but its point seems to make sense to me.

The current generation of people in government are unique in the position that their generation has never seen real hardship.

They’ve not suffered a world war, nor have they been drafted to go to vietnam.

They’ve suffered no mass plague, or invasion. The economic recessions they’ve been alive for have largely been borne by their parents. The people who suffered in 2008-2009 maybe haven’t made it to the running-the-world age yet or are a small enough fraction that it doesn’t encompass the body of people who work in government.

But the basic idea is this: when there was a bigger enemy, or a bigger problem to deal with, you had less energy to spend on fighting your enemies to get your way, and maybe were more inclined to see the perspective of others, since you weren’t so dissimilar as you had common experiences (like a world war).

But now we have a whole generation who knows nothing but good times. No wars, or famines or economic depression. They’re so used to having the good times go their way, that they have less of a sense of co-operation and compromise. Why should they submit to anything being but the way they want, as that’s all they’ve known all their lives.

So you end up with factions of people who refuse to give in and let anything happen that isn’t the way they want it to be.

Just a thought.