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Being jewish

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

I don’t know about other religions but being jewish really means you live somewhere on the line of ‘how jewish you are’.  The level of jewocity you are is linear up to a point.

If you are, or consider yourself jewish you appear on the line somewhere.
Anybody to the left of you on the line (less religious) is by your standards not really jewish and anybody to the right of you on the line is crazy.

Once you get into the ultra orthodox/hassidic arena, the line forks out into many lines where groups can be
differentiated by how they wear they hats.

All of them are crazy and they think that nobody else is really jewish except them.

Health care reform

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Everybody’s got a view, why not me.

National health care won’t work. It won’t work simply because by definition it has to be worse than what we have now, and what we have now obviously isn’t working.

It’s a lot like the recent economic bubbles, we’re leveraging against our future with the current system and it’s like running so fast your legs can’t keep up with your body and you eventually fall over. At the current rate, the existing system will collapse soon enough. (universities seem to be having this problem as well)

The reason I say it has to be worse than the existing system, is because if the government were to take over the health care system, they’d have to play ball with the current health insurance infrastructure. They’d have to, simply because the health insurance companies aren’t going to just say “okay, it was fun, we’ll go out of business now, since you’ve got a handle on it.”

No, they’re going to fight to the death to maintain their existence. And what we’ll be left with is the government instituting a system of health care, that involves the extra wasted layer of infrastructure that the health insurance companies bring to the table. They’re not needed, since the government will be providing the services that they now currently perform (thus ‘nationalizing’ health care) but they will be there sucking up administrative costs all the same.

So what we’ll end up with is a system more expensive than what we have now and I think we all see that the system we have now is already too expensive.

I imagine what the health insurance companies want is for the government just to pay all the bills. Right. And it’s in who’s best interest not to pad all the bills? After all the government is paying.

We’d need to create a system where it is in everybody’s best interest to try and do things cheaper, and I hate to say it, but competition is probably the best option.

A way to help the car companies

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I had a novel idea about making the car companies profitable…
Get rid of the unions.
Just the overhead of the unions themselves…. if all the employees stopped paying union dues, the car
companies could lower their salaries by the same amount saving a ton of money, and nobody would see a pay cut.
How about that? ohhhhhh nooooooooooo… you can’t get rid of the UNIONS oh no… who would protect the
workers from the big bad company. Yeah, well, honda and toyota are doing just fine, so I daresay in this case, the unions are more of a problem than a help. When the pendulum swings the other way and big corporations start abusing employees again, then you can form another union, but in the slow times, it’s just a waste of moeny. And it’s helping to kill the car companies.

So when the big three go out of business, you can lay some of the blame on the unions.

A worm on mars

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

You guys heard about the worm fossil looking thing they found on mars? They say it looks like a tortellini or some other italian noodle. At first I was skeptical, they just want something to
get excited about, but after some thought I realized they’re really off their knocker.
Life on this planet started out with plants. There were forests of green thousands if not millions of years before the first slug crawled the earth. Plants are far simpler forms of life.
So why they hell would anybody even suggest that there might be some animal-type life on mars when there’s no evidence there was ever plant life. Let alone a fossil near the surface.

Price fixing

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

In the future we will forget the details of what happened, but 6 months ago, the price of gas at the pump was over $4.00 and heating oil was over $5.00

It is now December 2008 and gas is $2.10 and heating oil around $2.90.

Oh and the markets are all tanking.

So if you ever thought for a moment that the price of oil isn’t set by a cartel of some kind, this should give you food for thought.