History of this site

NYTI started in 1993 as a OS/2 based BBS. It stands for New York Telephone I. Then I branched out into other things, gave up on OS/2, ported the BBS to Linux and made this web page.

Now it’s a wordpress blog. 9/26/08
The Volleyball Game:
I try to organize a volleyball game every monday and wednesday in Westchester, New York. Click here to read about it.

You can telnet to deadpelican.com to take part in our little community BBS. Based on the old OS/2 NYTI, it lacks some of the cooler features like maze walking, but you can post messages, and talk to others.

Web services:
Hit Recom – /hitlist.html
One of my favorites, stands for Hit Recommendations. The idea is to introduce people to music they would not have otherwise ever heard of. Feel free to add your all time favorite songs by bands nobody’s likely heard of. Posting Billboard top 40 is not the point here, because everybody knows about that. This is for introducing people to music that they’re never likely to hear on the radio.


console is this cute little program I wrote that offers up a citadel bbs like interface that you telnet to, to run scripts or other commands. It’s an easy way to shoot off scripts with just a few keystrokes. You can download the tar with the source code and more detailed information here.

POP 4 is an extention to the POP 3 mail protocol. Information about it can be found here. or if that doesn’t work, here.

Tragic is a program that was my fairly early on attempt at a p2p system. What it did to networks was Tragic, thus the name. You’ll notice Gnutella had similar problems when it first came out. You can chat, search and trade files, and generally be a cool part of one of the first home grown p2p networks.

Harm is a program I wrote to get around my company’s firewall. When I need to work from home and don’t want to dial into the corporate RAS, I use Harm. Since you can get out through the firewall but not in, all harm does is try making connections to my machine at home (via a dynamic DNS name) and when I want to connect, I just run the listener on my home machine, it connects and makes me a telnet session. If you have such a need an the available setup I recommend Harm. It is not a hacking tool. It is useless unless you have access to machines on both sides of the firewall. It’s just a program for making life more convienent.

Links Klip
I like this thing, it’s damn cute. So I wrote a klip for a webpage of mine. Click here to download it.

Net Lightning
This is a server program that allows scripting access to control x-10 devices or execute scripts based on x-10 commands. Click here to download it.

NYTS stands for the New York Telescheduler. Way back when I ran my BBS on OS/2, I needed a schduler to fire off programs to run, and the scheduler that came with OS/2 sucked, so I wrote my own. I only list it here, because I’ve gotten more good reviews about this program than anything else I’ve ever done. It’s small, and simple and does the job. If you still run OS/2. More power to you.

My Music:
I’m a lousy musician, but that doesn’t stop me. If you want to listen to some of my music, I have most of it stored here:
Some keyboard stuff, some metal, some solo piano. If you like it, vote for it on the Hit List.

My Diatribes:

Why J2EE sucks

How the brain works.

My one liners of wisdom.

My rants. It’s like a one way blog. Where I write and you don’t respond.

My Ideas:

I invented the world bank by accident.

I came up with a novel rotary engine, that unlike the Wenkel engine, is actually a rotary engine.
The Greatest Idea I’ve Ever had:

An idea for The Internet Portal (Sub-Ether).


And Then There Were None.

File archive:
Since I pay them every month, might as well make use of their fast connection. Anything you can find on my ftp site, you can find on here, and it’s faster.

And last but not least…
My favoritism towards the number seven.

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Stu,
    Hope this is still you. I ran into the same Certificate problem you did back in Sep 2018:


    Do you remember what you did to fix it? You wrote about better lining up the key context but I cannot figure out what you meant.

  2. admin says:

    I have no idea what I did, and I don’t even remember writing that question, sorry.

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