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Video of the future is annoying.

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

You can interpret that however you like.

I just tried to watch this video:

And I had to give up. Instead I started counting edits. As in scene cuts.

I counted 164 of them. I’m probably off by a few because I don’t play video games and thus can’t keep up with that high of a frequency of context shifts.

The video is 96 seconds long and has 164 cuts spread evenly throughout the video. That’s ¬†about 1.7 cuts per second.

Does anybody actually enjoy or even glean any content from a video that you have less than a second to focus on, and soak up the image before it switches to another one?

Who thinks this is a good idea? What marketing genius said “max headroom’s blip verts were a brilliant idea! Let’s DO IT!”