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Saturday, May 12th, 2012

When was the last time you installed a software upgrade, of any kind, on your computer, and it went faster when it was finished?

I only thought of this because the last two projects I worked on at work were solely for the purpose of providing a better customer experience because response time was better.

How many software companies EVER do this?

Everybody just assumes you’ll upgrade hardware so you never have to worry about speed, so software gets slower and laggier.

Everybody touts google, but they do the same thing. Sure it’s lots faster than anything else to begin with, but it gets slower and more bloated just like everything else. It’s always fun to go to the wayback machine and view source on old versions of google’s home page compared to viewing source on it now.

But what does it matter, most software is web based now, right?

Well look at google searches, then look at ebay searches, then go actually pay for something with paypal. I guess paypal is about your money so it’s important that it go slow.